Saturday, May 23, 2009

With a little help from my friends...

Those bikes are heavy...Good to have a friend around

Yep, this blog is about her...

..and her stylish friends...

1970's Amsterdam Cycle Jive

1970's Amsterdam Cycle Jive, originally uploaded by Amsterdamize.

The picture was shot 1975, but could you tell ? I couldn´t..

With Music to Bike by...

Chicks like the iPod too...

more b/w

Riding, originally uploaded by Luciano_SR.

more Sport Spice than Posh Spice, but looks good on a bike too


SMS, originally uploaded by zipp0san.

Again with the mobile phone, seems like texting while riding. I can relate to that...

Friday, May 22, 2009

amsterdam way of life

amsterdam way of life, originally uploaded by lkc45.

And with the multi-tasking...

b/w looking good

amsterdam, originally uploaded by kač.

The boots - they pull them off..

w/ handbags, stylish

amsterdam bikes, originally uploaded by russ david.

Proto-typical of what this blog is really all about.

Two Girls - one Bike I

dutch style - girls, originally uploaded by monyart.

In Amsterdam, joy is shared happily.

dutch girl w/ scarf

dutch girl, originally uploaded by Baptiste Pons.

This picture captures the essence of what cycling in Amsterdam is really all about. Looking fabulous while transporting stuff and beating car traffic. In Germany, only Hamburg could compete with that.

no dutchbike...but glasses...

bike in Amsterdam, originally uploaded by

minus 1 because no dutchbike - but plus 1 for the glasses ?

Girl Riding Bike

Girl Riding Bike, originally uploaded by THEfunkyman.

In my opinion more blondes reside in the Netherlands per capita then in Sweden..

bike frenzy.

bike frenzy., originally uploaded by smudo.

A typical view - the bag, the hockey stick - natural looks. Look at the size of this bike.

Dutch Contraption

Dutch Contraption, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

I start off with not a typical picture for what I had in mind with this blog - but mothers are beautiful too, especially on a bike, in Amsterdam.